The Company’s Privacy Policy complies with requirement of the Personal Information Protection Law and related guidelines.

Basic Policy

Myria Residential, Ltd. (the “Company”) has made it a component of its mission to deliver a trustworthy product and service. Further, the Company has a legal and social responsibility to protect personal information held by the Company regarding customers and other stakeholders.

All Company directors and employees will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law (the “Law”), other related laws and regulations, this privacy policy and internal regulations to ensure that personal information held by the Company is handled appropriately to prevent unauthorized disclosure, loss or destruction.  To ensure the effective implementation of this policy, the Company will assign a Compliance Officer who will deploy and maintain appropriate security management measures (including establishment of internal regulations, implementation of scheduled employee education, training, inspection and evaluation of compliance enforcement) and work continuously toward improvement of these measures.

Acquisition of Personal Information

The Company acquires customer personal information such as name, gender, age, telephone number and address (information that can be used to identify specific individuals as prescribed by the Law) in the following situations only using appropriate means:

  • When the Company receives an inquiry regarding our products or services.
  • When the Company executes a contract regarding our products or services.
  • When a customer answers our questionnaire and participates in Company surveys.
  • When a customer contacts the Company by telephone, e-mail, or other means.
  • When a record is logged in the Company’s security systems, including building entry logs and surveillance cameras.
  • When the Company acquires personal information through other legal means (including publicly available information sources such as directory listings).

Handling of Personal Information

Except when the Company obtains permission from the customer or as otherwise permitted by law, the Company will use personal information appropriately, primarily for the purpose of providing real estate and related products and services, and only within the following scope:

  • Management of customer accounts (including invoicing and collections).
  • Execution of Company contractual rights and responsibilities associated with the Company’s products or services.
  • Research and analysis of market trends and customer demand.
  • Solicitation of customer feedback via questionnaires and other means.
  • Secure management of the Company facilities.
  • To inform customers about products and services the Company provides (including direct mails), frequency of which shall be approved by the President.
  • To provide better services.

The Company may share customers’ personal information such as name, gender, age, telephone number and address with related companies, including shareholders. Acquisition and use of personal information to be shared with such companies are as respectively described in Acquisition of Personal Information and Handling of Personal Information above. The Compliance Officer of the Company will bear management responsibility of personal information to be shared with related company.

The Company may retain and use customer personal information even after the expiration of the contract. In such cases, personal information will be handled in accordance with this policy.
The Company will not provide personal information to a third party without customer consent, except as permitted by law and the following events:

  • When the Company is compelled to cooperate with investigations by government agencies and local authorities.
  • When work is delegated to companies under Company supervision, such as customer and market research, collections and other service activities. In such cases, confidentiality agreements will be executed and personal information will be used within the scope outlined above.
  • When the Company shares personal information with a counter party performing investigations related to corporate reorganization or mergers. In such cases, confidentiality agreements will be executed.

Disclosure, Amendment, or Suspension of Personal Information

When requested by a customer, the Company will disclose personal information held by the Company regarding that requesting customer only. Personal information shall not be shared with a customer’s family unless requested by the customer. However, the Company may not provide personal information under the following circumstances.

  • When the identity of the person requesting disclosure cannot be confirmed.
  • When the disclosure request procedure is incomplete.
  • When the information requested is not personal data held by the Company.
  • When disclosure may present risk to the individuals, the Company’s, or a third parties reputation, life, body, or property.
  • When disclosure may adversely affect Company operations.
  • When disclosure is in violation of law.

Requests for disclosure, amendment or suspension of personal information held by the Company should be made in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Company. The Company may not be able to suspend the use of personal information if it may adversely affect Company operations. A fee may be charged to process such requests. Inquiries regarding details of our disclosure procedures, fees and other relevant information should be made to the contact stated below.

Inquires or Complaints

Myria Residential Co., Ltd.

Inquiry by Phone:03-6206-3015

Inquiry by Letter:Myria Residential Co., Ltd.
Yurakucho Denki Building South 14F, 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100-0006

Inquiry by E-mail:Official Company Website Inquiry Form

The Company will not accept in person disclosure requests or inquiries regarding personal information at the Company’s head office.

Management and Application of this Policy

In order to maintain the secure management of personal information, the Company will revise this policy from time to time. The latest version will be published on official Company websites. This policy also applies to the Company’s employees.

Ryota Nagao
Representative Director and President
Myria Residential, Co., Ltd.